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The energetic cleansings are used in different cultures to purify and / or bless people, objects or places. Usually, a ceremony with one or more of the four elements of nature - fire, earth, air or water - is carried out with a prayer. Each ceremony is specific to the need of the consultant, object or place to be purified or consecrated. This is an intuitive process where, on occasion, a divine message can emerge. Ideally, cleanings are done monthly. An energy cleanse for a person lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on their energy level. An energy cleaning for a place lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size and energy of the place.


When an energy cleanse is appropriate for a person:

  • when experiencing stress, anxiety, restlessness, depression, illness, or lack of energy

  • going through big changes in life, whether it's starting something new or closing a chapter in life like starting a new job, moving to a new city, getting married, having a baby, opening your own business

  • set new intentions and make important decisions

  • leaving behind things, situations or people that have already served their purpose or are not good for us such as quitting your job, moving, breaking a relationship or quitting an addiction

  • on New Years Day, December 31, birthday or anniversary day


When an energy cleaning is appropriate for a place:

  • when moving into your new home

  • when opening your new business

  • when selling your property

  • if you feel very tired, loaded, restless or anxious at home or at work

  • if people in your home or work get sick frequently

  • if mysterious or abnormal things happen frequently, for example: appliances that turn on or off by themselves or are damaged all at once, getting up at night and feeling a presence, doors that open and close themselves, etc.

  • on New Years Day, December 31st, the anniversary day of your home or business

  • before and after an event, party or meeting

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