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Numerology It is a centuries-old divinatory art based on the teachings of Pythagoras. The father of mathematics believed that every word or name contains a number vibration and that every number has a meaning. Pythagoras was also a mystic and philosopher who believed that "all things are numbers", that numbers represent universal principles and that their cycles can be calculated, measured and predicted.


Numerology reports are based on a person's full name and date of birth to describe abilities, characteristics, and events. It is a valuable tool to name a child, a business or a product since the universal vibrations that bear its name can tell a lot about the destiny of the wearer. A numerology consultation can not only provide insight into your own personal discovery and growth, but it also gives you the power to inject an intentional vibration into whatever you name. A consultation includes a numerological report and an audio recording (mp3) of the session.

Consultations are made only by appointment in person, by phone, via Skype or Google Hangout. To arrange a date press the following button:

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